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Best Supplements for Gout: Medicine Man Plant Co. Offers New Customer-Acclaimed Uric Acid Pill

The Uric Acid Pill, a treatment for gout newly released by MEDICINE MAN PLANT CO.,has been recognized by Retailer News Network as the Best New Health Supplement Product in the field of dietary supplements. MEDICINE MAN PLANT CO.is already well-known for its customer-acclaimed Blood Pressure Pill and its award-winning Liver Pill, both of which are completely natural, organic, and plant-based.

Delivering a unique formulation grounded in traditional medicine and based on time-tested, proven folk remedies, award-winning MEDICINE MAN PLANT CO. has created The Uric Acid Pill, one of the best supplements for gout, offering a product that is superior to its competitors, many of which are larger, better-known brands fighting for an increased revenue share in this increasingly competitive and fast-growing market segment. The Uric Acid Pill is the best product in virtually every important respect, and the company is on a very impressive trajectory.

Best Supplements for Gout: Medicine Man Plant Co. Offers New Customer-Acclaimed Uric Acid Pill is an original (RetailerNewsNetwork) article.

The global dietary supplements market was valued at $157.22 billion in 2021 and is anticipated to reach $340.62 billion by 2030, expanding at a compound annual growth rate of 8.97% during the forecast period. Increases in lifestyle diseases and other chronic conditions are expected to drive demand for dietary supplements, creating future opportunities for the best supplements for gout, including the Uric Acid Pill and other MEDICINE MAN PLANT CO. products. Also increasing the market’s growth are shifting consumer preferences in medication from pharmaceutical agents to dietary supplements, which will further increase demand for MEDICINE MAN PLANT CO. products, especially given growing preferences for plant-based and organic goods.

Woman suffering from finger pains due to high uric acid.

The Uric Acid Pill’s three ingredients are tart cherry, celery seed, and burdock seed. Studies have reported that the best supplements for gout contain cherry extract, which could reduce uric acid levels in gout sufferers. Burdock root is known to contain anti-inflammatory agents, and a celery flavonoid known as apigenin may help dissolve crystalline deposits of uric acid. All three ingredients are responsibly sourced, non-GMO, vegan-friendly, third-party tested, and minimally processed. The reviews are exceptional.

Celery seeds with in a spoon.

Headquartered in Texas, MEDICINE MAN PLANT CO. was founded in 2019 and is helmed by Steven Skiff. Dr. Mark “Merriwether” Vorderbruggen, is the company’s herbalist/scientist in charge of product formulations.

Merriwether says his understanding of and love for natural remedies began when he was a little boy.

“As early as I can remember, my parents would take us for walks in the wilds every day and while out there they’d tell us how their parents and grandparents would use the plants we saw. They infused us with a sense of wonder about nature.”

That love of nature grew into a love of science. Merriwether went on to earn a Master’s degree in medicinal chemistry and a Ph.D. in physical organic chemistry. From there, he began to apply his skills to modern technology.

“I ended up in Houston working for the oil industry. This turned out to be a win-win, though. My knowledge of plant chemistry allowed me to refashion many less-than-friendly oilfield chemical systems into something much safer for everyone. My first patent was using cinnamon as a corrosion inhibitor, and 13 more patents of similar nature followed.”

Still, Merriwether felt a calling to help people learn about the edible and medicinal wild plants that surrounded them. He started teaching medicine-making plant workshops and observed what he sees as a disconnect between nature and modern culture – one that has serious health ramifications.

Medicinal herb best supplements for gout.

Best Supplements for Gout: Medicine Man Plant Co. Offers New Customer-Acclaimed Uric Acid Pill is the (RetailerNewsNetwork) report.

“We evolved to use these plants and mushrooms. Turning away from them denies our bodies what it became designed to use. I believe a lot of modern health issues are due to the maladaptation of our ancient bodies to the modern world.”

Part of the problem, he says, is “modern, money-driven healthcare.” While Merriwether doesn’t expect consumers to entirely turn away from modern pharmaceuticals, he suggests that natural medicine may make more sense as first-line treatment. That means putting nature first, rather than relying solely on conventional medical treatment.

“The goals of Medicine Man Plant Co. include having people re-think the way they take care of themselves based on how we evolved, rather than what a pharmaceutical infomercial tells them.”

Merriwether says the better option is to turn to scientifically supported mixes of ancient plants and mushrooms to achieve natural healing.

“The mission of Medicine Man Plant Co. is pretty simple. It’s unearthing the ancestral, ancient plants that mankind used for thousands of years, and then applying them to modern issues.

“Humans know how to heal themselves if they’re just given a few of the right key ingredients. We evolved with the stuff of nature, so one of the goals of the Medicine Man is to return those healing properties of nature to the tribe.”

Medicine man plant co are best supplements for gout.

Merriwether’s approach has won recent acclaim in healthcare circles, winning supplement product awards from NewsHealthwatch and HisHealthMag Corp, and receiving the Health11News Consumer Quality Award.

The Uric Acid Pill is available to consumers online directly from the manufacturer and via online outlets.


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