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Plant-Based Nutritional Supplements Provider NUZEST-USA’s Clean Lean Protein: An Opportunity for Retailers

Plant-Based Nutritional Supplements Provider NUZEST-USA’s Clean Lean Protein: An Opportunity for Retailers

New York, NY, February 01, 2023NUZEST-USA has been recognized by Retailer News Network for offering the best new product opportunity in the plant-based protein dietary supplement and snack market. The company’s products are ethically sourced, vegan-friendly, and better-tasting (according to many satisfied customers) than those of their competitors, many of which are larger and better-known brands, fighting for an increased revenue share in this very competitive and fast-growing market segment. NUZEST is the superior brand in virtually every important aspect, and is on an impressive trajectory.

The protein supplement and specialty snack market, which includes a growing proportion of plant-based products, is currently estimated to be $25.6 billion. At a compound annual growth rate of close to 10%, it is expected to reach or exceed $41.23 billion by 2028. As general awareness of food sensitivities, allergies, and immune issues grows, NUZEST’s products will be in increasing demand.

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One of the company’s most exciting offerings is its Clean Lean Protein drink mix, which is a pure, plant-based protein supporting the body’s recovery, repair, and vitality. High in protein, low in carbohydrates and sugar, and free from common allergens, this product is a certain winner with exercise enthusiasts, athletes, and consumers wanting premium-quality nutrition. The reviews are exceptional. NUZEST also offers innovative nutritional products for children and for digestive support, as well as great-tasting snack bars.

Plant-based protein bars.

NUZEST is committed to providing products that serve as a support system of protein, vitamins, and nutrients to help the body handle the demands of modern life. Powered by European golden peas, Clean Lean Protein supplies all nine essential amino acids, encouraging muscle repair, recovery, and growth. From seed to tub, NUZEST uses only the ingredients that the body needs, using the cleanest processing possible in plant-based nutritional supplements.

NUZEST is committed to the environment as well, maintaining a sustainable crop with sustainable, processing. The isolation process, which is how protein is extracted from the peas, is entirely water-based and free from harmful chemicals. All water used is purified and then recycled; any waste is turned into biofuel and animal feed. Altogether, NUZEST produces plant-based nutritional supplements that work with nature, not against it.

NUZEST’s journey as a supplier of plant-based nutritional supplements began in 2012. That’s when the company’s founder, Trever Bolland, found out that his daughter, 22-year-old Monique, had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis — a debilitating autoimmune condition affecting the brain and nervous system, for which science has not yet found a cure. Not satisfied with the bleak prognosis they were given, they looked to health experts all over the world for advice, finally turning to enhanced nutrition for healing – and from that misfortune, developed a directive to help others.

Woman intaking plant-based plant-based nutritional supplements for her overall wellness.

What started out as a father and daughter looking for answers has now grown into an innovative company providing plant-based nutritional supplements enjoyed by thousands of families around the world.

“It is important for the wellbeing of society that those more fortunate give back to those less fortunate” Bolland says, “to be cognizant of the fact we all share this planet together and that people do not choose the life or environment they are born into. As a company, we like to play our part.

“NUZEST was born out of Monique’s diagnosis with multiple sclerosis. “It’s only fitting that as a company we do everything we can to raise awareness and that we donate a portion of our global sales to help fund vital MS research.”

NUZEST is currently expanding its marketing efforts and distribution outlets in the USA.

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